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I would like to share with you an article about Hijab on Hidden Pearls. Hidden Pearls although is an online Hijab shop in UK, however they sometimes share really wonderful and informative articles on Islam with their readers.

What is hijab?

What is Hijab?

This article titled what is hijab has just recently been published on their website. I would like to give my 2 cents regarding that. First of all I think the article is brilliantly written. I think the topic has extremely well defined. They have taken hijab which would just be an ordinary word for most non-Muslims and have succeeded in painting a really detailed picture of it. They mention the actual meaning of word hijab which is to cover. I was surprised to find out that Islam actually recommends hijab for men as well, something that we never in the mainstream media though. Most interesting aspect of the article was the cultural interpretations of Hijab for example Hijab in UK means quite a bit different from hijab in Asia or hijab in Mideast. They have done a brilliant job in explaining this with lot of illustrative pictures too.

I think it is a really good read and I highly recommend you to visit their website to read it.

Hijab store

As for Hidden Pearls themselves, they are now one of the most influential hijab store in UK. If you are interested in buying some hijabs online, here is the link.

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