Perinatal Mental Health

What is perinatal mental health?  Perinatal mental health is the “emotional and psychological wellbeing of women, encompassing the influence on infant, partner and family, and commencing from preconception through pregnancy and up to 36 months postpartum.” Perinatal mental health conditions include depression, the baby blues, anxiety, and puerperal psychosis.  Perinatal Mental Health Perinatal Depression Depression can ...
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Postpartum Diet

We all know that having a healthy diet and exercising are among the top ways to get back into shape and have a body that feels healthy and fit.  Consuming a diet that is filled with a variety of healthy foods is important not only for a new mom but also her baby.  A healthy ...
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A Postnatal Depression Test?

Do you think that you or a loved one is suffering from postnatal/postpartum depression?  Although it is extremely important to seek medical help immediately, many women are afraid to ask for the help they need once they become depressed after giving birth.  There are a handle of reason for this whether it is feelings ashamed, ...
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